Why need a mattress support?

As is known, mattress covers appeared recently in the apartment. In spite of this, they now occupied a certain niche on the market of goods. Of course, this would not have happened if the invention did not have a large number of advantages. I will write about them later.

Let us understand all the same, what is needed, mattress and that he so? MATTRESS – a cover with a special property that is placed on the mattress.

The most important functions of mattress covers:

1) Protection from dirt mattress. MATTRESS perfectly cleans, and is suitable for cleaning. Note that when cleaning the mattress the problems is much more than a mattress cover cleaning.

2) Protection against mechanical abrasion of the mattress. With this function, you can extend the life of the mattress and simplifies the maintenance of the latter.

3) Mattress can remove static electricity.

4) If you have not received an orthopedic mattress, in this case, the mattress pad will allow you to adjust and significantly improve the performance of the old mattress. To do this, you only have to consult with representatives of the fixed mattress that you decide to purchase. Be sure to pay attention to the dimensions and characteristics of the mattress cover.

As a rule, mattress covers are made of two layers – cotton and wool. Faced with the two-way design, the summer you can comfortably sleep in a cotton mattress, and in winter – on its back wool. There are also mattress covers for children. They have two sides. One of them is double, and the second – watertight.


1) Mattress are made of environmentally friendly material that does not cause allergic reactions and have no sensitizing properties.

2) Mattress create insulating layer between the mattress and ceiling while significantly increasing the comfort.

3) Use a mattress cover, you can combine the two single mattresses. This is a huge plus in the case, for example, if the spouses have different requirements for the hardness of the mattress. In this situation is the only and perhaps the main parameter that should remain the same – it is the height of the mattress.

4) Considering the wide range of mattress covers, you can choose your perfect option.

A wide range of mattress covers can be divided into groups.

The first group.

Protective mattress covers. It is the most economical option. Its main function is to protect the mattress from mechanical wear, dirt or damage.

A second group.

To make it us mattress covers, which have not only protective properties, and moisture resistance. The properties of this group of products are suitable not only for children’s mattresses, but also in medical practice. Waterproof layer moisture thanks to a kind of membrane that “breathes”.

The third group.

The third group includes orthopedic mattress covers, with predetermined stiffness characteristics. It happens that a new mattress on the practice is not exactly what you wanted. You may want to increase the stiffness of the mattress, or reduce it after some time. If you podded properly and more comfortable mattress pad, you can easily solve the problem of mattress hardness. Before buying a better contact your dealer. Special attention should be paid to the thickness of the mattress cover as depends on their stiffness product.