What spare parts can I choose?

You can find millions of indisputable arguments both supporters extremely original and most zealous of its enemies in the vast territory of the Internet. Original protectors convinced that the vehicle manufacturer’s initial set-up and respectively reliability, durability and functionality can only be ensured by the exhaust pipe or replacement of the damaged element by the absolutely same “family”. And it’s hard to argue.

However, opponents only use original spare parts also have a number of arguments, the main among them – the high price, a significant part of which is precisely belonging to the brand car. And many people are simply not ready and sometimes unable to pay such a high price, even more so that modern auto parts market offers the broadest alternative in the form of analogue replacement.

In fact, it’s not that simple, and the truth is known, it’s somewhere in the middle. In this article we will try to give a clear and comprehensible definition of original and non-original spare parts as well as trying to as thoroughly and impartially as possible analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using these parts in a vehicle which in the final Account helps you make the right choice.

Spare parts – these are parts and components that are identical to parts and assemblies delivered to the assembly line factory. Such parts must have the brand name and unique number of the vehicle manufacturer.