What is more effective: courses or a tutor?

Sometimes the only way out in this case is to attract an individual pre-submitter. A competent specialist will be able to identify problematic moments in the training process in a short time, help fill in existing gaps and prevent new ones.

Such an “ambulance” can include, like the standard repetition and explanation of past and current topics, and the selection of the correct literature for additional reading or the development of individual rules for repetition, memorization, etc.

I would put it as a definition: it is better to learn from someone who can influence you in such a way that you have learned a great deal at home. Those. this is either a hard tutor, which makes you do a lot, or complex courses, where again, in order to keep up, to shed a few drops of sweat while building materials.

A complicated version, but difficult is in terms of what you need to learn to do everything yourself. A course or a rehearsal is to test your progress.

How to understand that your child began to lag behind the program? If your teacher has already reported several times that homework was not performed satisfactorily, or the child began to complain about difficulties with the topics in the classroom, it’s worth to look more closely at his needs – most likely, he needs additional support.