What is better to choose a toner cartridge for refueling?

Naturally, it is better than the original cartridge is nothing. But the purchase of the initial costs known to all owners of printers. Therefore we want to save, you need to refill the cartridge. If you want to do it yourself, it becomes very clear question: What tones choose? Currently, there are a large number of different brands on the market, and sometimes the choice is not going to be an easy task for an inexperienced person.

Related brands can be divided into two groups: 1) Proven global brands, designs and manufactures toners 2) Badges CIS market, not involved in the development and production of toners

The first group includes: Static Control Components (SCC), Uninet, MK Imaging Dela Camp Katun, AQC, IMEX and several other manufacturers.

The second most everything else: Hi-Black, ColorTek, Patron, WWM, StarPrint and a number of other manufacturers, too, to list all will not.

all generally aware of the first group. It is known worldwide.

The second group is looking for toner manufacturers purchase (drums, bags) and packaging (in bottles) under its own brand (as far as we know, at the time of publication of the material, its own production of toner, no one was not). As many years of experience, most of the toner quality is “walking”, a party will be a very good quality, and the other – bad.

The second group will not be considered at all. Personally, in my patron, I would not pour tones.

Consider the first group. Just a reminder, tones from this group, it is the local packing. ie distributors buy barrels abroad well-known manufacturer of toner and packed already in place. Why do they do it clearly, trying to earn more. Cheaper to buy is not packed in large-capacity containers to order on the spot also is cheaper and it is likely that the taxes paid on import less. Such tones I would not recommend taking. From personal experience, the quality is also walking. No one wants not to blame. But perhaps the banks do not always sypyat what is written on it. or stored incorrectly or something. Knowing our business environment, trust is not a product. Better to buy a packaged abroad. Thus, an absolute industry – Static Control Components (USA). Most professionals believe that Toner better not. I usually fully share this view. Here is what banks Toner:

In second place (subjective opinion) probably should put the brand Uninet (USA). Toner is also very good quality, but it is distributed mainly on the models of color laser printers.

As is evident from the pictures, the width look different. The distinctive logo on the lid is present everywhere. As for Uninet, so be honest on a couple of color printers as more than SCC. Excellent tones.

As for the remaining toner from the first group, in my opinion the quality is somewhat inferior. Although it depends on the printers (MFPs, copiers). Because Katun’s take the same, the monochrome toner printer pulls 4. A toner cartridges for copiers, probably the best in the industry. MK Imaging and Dela Camp 4 to a monochrome printer, a color printer not even bad tones. Meanwhile, more and set up in Ukraine. In general, the last two of the brand, for the most part unfortunately is represented by such a packing. AQC draws 4. Imex also is not bad … but I think in danny moment it is not on the market, or packaged under different brand names. What tones all the same is better to choose? The choice of course for you. PS! The price of the SCC and toner MK Imaging (packed in Russia or Ukraine), can range from a half dollar. Saving is not so important, but the quality can vary considerably. Much when filling the cartridge depends not only on toner, and more and from performing the procedure. The correct procedure is a good toner replenishment + = good print.