Trendy ballet patterns in the new season

Many designers return to their traditional ballet, that is to dance models. From modern costume costumes, there were models with thin ties covering the ankles. Such products can be found in the collections of brands Aquazzura, ISABEL MARANT and Miu Miu. At the same time, ISABEL MARANT designers combine the classic with stimulating and avant-garde elements. The other two brands are trying to adhere to high fashion standards so they experience mainly color. You can wear such ballet shoes with:

short skirts of midi length and clothing;
Luxurious skirts with chiffon decoration in the style of the 70s;
floor dresses;
soft fleece cloth for air;
sarafans, corset tops and shorts in the 1940s.

Boats with sharp socks

Trendy ballet patterns in the new season

Shaped sock patterns – is a classic that almost does not fall off the fashion podium. The ballerina-boats fit perfectly with almost any apparel. But most of all, she looked at tight pants, skirts and matching dress shades. Designers of the LUCIANO PADOVAN brand offer elegant, lacquered boats at low speed. The main feature of the model is the finish under the skin of the snake.

A simpler version can be found in the TOD’S collection. There are lots of boats made of elegant leather. The 70s style models are in line with LEONARDO PRINCIPI shoes and comfortable sports options – in the Vitacci collection.