The main rules for choosing quality wipers for cars

After replacing the summer wheels with the winter ones, the second thing the driver should do when preparing the car for the winter is to take care of the windshield wipers. If they do poorly with their function, an urgent replacement is needed. Otherwise, poor visibility in the snow can lead to an accident. But how not to get lost in the huge assortment offered by the market?


Quality wipers should have a uniform texture and color of the tape, the blades should be without scoring and burrs and made of elastic rubber.

Choosing wipers, move them in different directions – it is important that there is no strong play. The elastic should be well attached to the body and should not be segregated.


Wiper types for the same model may differ

When buying janitors, you need to take into account that the parts of the same size are produced in different versions by the type of fastening (the same model of cars of different years of production may differ in the type of windshield wiper): hook, bayonet, side pin, button, top lock and side Clamp. It is best to remove the old part before buying a janitor and compare it with what is sold in the store or buy an adapter (50 UAH).

Length: the size of the cleaners can be slightly increased

Most often the car has two windshield wipers, but sometimes they can be three or only one. All of them may differ in length. For example, on the driver’s side – 500 mm, the passenger – 450 mm, and the rear window – 300 mm.

If you buy janitors in the market, you can experiment a little (sellers often agree) and choose a slightly longer wiper to increase the cleaning area – the main thing is that they do not cling to each other.