The choice of facial care products (recommendations)

Each stage should go in strict sequence. If you have never used cosmetics to care, or have a poor idea of how to properly care for your skin, these tips will help and teach you the proper care of your face. First of all, we need to understand the following rules:

– Care should be regular and daily – 2 times a day. In the morning and in the evening.

Before any application of face cream, lotion or serum – the skin must be prepared, cleaned. If you apply funds to the untreated skin, the nutrients and nutrients found in the lotion, cream or serum will not be able to fully affect your skin, as a result, their effectiveness will decrease and you will not see the desired result.

Soap for deep cleansing Soap for sensitive skin

1. The first and most important thing that you need for facial care are cleansers:
– Required: soap, gels, facial cleansers, specially created for gentle face care. Unlike ordinary household soap, a special cleanser does not hurt the face and does not cause irritation. Before you apply other funds, you need to cleanse your face. It is enough 7-10 seconds of easy massaging using one of the cleansing agents.
– If you applied makeup, then before washing it is recommended to wash off with a special make-up remover (oil, lotion, cream), then use a washing-up liquid.

2. It often happens that only soap, foam for washing is not enough. In this case, it is necessary to use a remedy that removes the horny layer of the skin and cleans the face quite well – peeling. But, it should not be used more than twice a week.

Cleansing peeling from Cefine Cleansing and moisturizing peeling from La Sincere

3. After any cleansing, regardless of your skin type, you NEED a moisturizer. Even if you think that your skin type does not require moistening, after cleansing your face you still need to use moisturizers. As a result of cleansing, the skin loses its natural fat layer and can undergo an aggressive environment, the cells of your facial skin can be injured and attacked by free radicals, and as a result irritation, dryness and peeling of the skin.

– After cleansing, you need to moisturize your skin with one of the moisturizers suitable for your skin type, for this you need to use lotions, tonics and other moisturizers. Moisturize immediately after you have washed and wiped your face. It is enough to apply a small layer of lotion on your skin and spread it well across the different skin areas of the face.