Procedure for changing supplier

Current provider – supplier providing electricity supply service until the completion of the process of switching.
New provider – service provider that will provide electricity supply to the end customer, based on a new supply contract, which begins running from the date of completion of the change of supplier, date indicated in the contract.
Network operator – (OR) distribution operator or legal person who operates the electrical network of public interest which are connected electrical installations of the place of consumption for the end client asks switch.
Consumer Profile – hourly allocation algorithm based on a mathematical model, the electricity consumption registered monthly.
Profile residual consumption – consumption profile is obtained by taking, for each place of consumption, the same division as the hourly consumption monthly distribution of hourly monthly consumption of all categories of consumption places on which to apply this profile.
Specific profile Consumer – algorithm for assigning hourly consumption recorded monthly for a category of consumption places that have a specific consumer-like, established by statistical processing of hourly values measured from a representative sample of consumption places in that category, the using a procedure developed by the distribution system operator and approved by ANRE.

Changing supplier – action which, during the course of a contract to supply electricity end customer decide, freely expressed through the option to terminate the contractual relationship with the present and to enter into supply contract with another provider.
Electricity distribution – transport electrical energy distribution networks HV, MV and LV with rated voltage up to 110kV including with a view to its delivery to customers, but not including supply;
Distribution operator – any person who holds any kind of title, an electric power distribution, holder of a distribution license which is responsible for operating, maintaining, and if necessary, developing the distribution network, and where applicable its interconnection with other systems, and for ensuring the long term ability of the system, the distribution of electricity;
Finally captive customer – the consumer who, for technical, economic or regulatory reasons can not choose their supplier.
Eligible final customer of electricity – electricity consumer can choose which supplier and contract directly with the necessary electricity, with access to transmission and / or distribution.
End customer – any natural or legal person purchasing electricity for their own consumption; the notion of “final customer” and “consumer” are equivalent.