Man fought at speed with a big white shark

Who of the people will be able to challenge the big white shark in a race for speed? Of course, Michael Phelps is the only 23-time Olympic champion in history and has many world records in swimming.

The famous swimmer took the challenge to fight a formidable predator at a distance of 100 meters in the framework of the project “Shark week”, organized by the channel Discovery. To achieve maximum speed, Phelps used a single flipper. In the end, even the fastest swimmer in history lost to the predator, losing to him 2 seconds. The shark overcame the hundred-meter mark in 36.1 seconds.

Video of the match:

Of course, Michael Phelps competed not with a real shark, but with her computer simulation. According to the creators of the experiment, complex mathematical models and calculations were used to calculate the movement of the shark and its speed, thanks to which it was possible to achieve maximum realism of what was happening.

However, the time shown by the predator at a distance of 100 meters causes a number of questions. Apparently, in the experiment, a very lazy shark was simulated during a quiet voyage: after all, usually adults of the white shark can reach a speed of 50 km / h at short distances with jerks. And this means that with a strong desire, a shark could easily swim this distance in less than 10 seconds.