In the front there are two car design elements

The radiator grille with the headlights are two design elements that give the car a certain look. In both cases, this is accompanied by another pure utility.

It is necessary for two reasons the air that reaches the engine compartment through the radiator grille: to form the air-fuel mixture and to ensure the engine’s cooling. Even the radiator needs air to cool the coolant. The radiator grille must have enough space in the middle to let the wind pass through each other. However, the space should not be too large to break the stones, which could damage the radiator.

For this purpose, the grille is equipped with horizontal and vertical ribs. To avoid traces of blows, in accomplishing it, using metal and plastic. Sometimes, when the ribs are too wide, a grid is inserted into the grid. In this way, designers are given more freedom to express themselves. This should not be overlooked because the face and logo of the car are the basic elements of recognition and often decisive for the brand image.