If you select a jacket

unbeaten and elegant embodiment can be considered as a combination of loose jacket with skinny jeans and heels shoes to a pretty high. Girls who have chosen as the first sporty jackets, should not give up sweet and feminine accessories. Mixing styles is especially true today, so feel free to add in a few bands such stylish details. For example, you can narrow trousers and a bomber-style sports supplement stylish handbag on a long chain or belt, shirts and knitted necklace saturated colors.

jacket is not fancy shoes, so to them in a couple can be selected not only heels. classic jeans, a vest-alcoholic wide shirt or sneakers and stylish will look good in the picture an everyday jacket. sunglasses trendy aviators make the picture more interesting. To ensure maximum comfort get up here as volume and capacious bag.

jacket can also be used in kits, designed in a preppy style. This style skillfully combines elements of casual and smart business. In this case, the bomber can carry in a duet with Laufer, shorts and classic tee. No less stylish and a combination of a jacket with shorts and shoes without heels closed. Not everyone knows that the bomber jacket – a universal thing, so do not be afraid to connect with pencil skirts and short skirts. Particularly feminine look slightly rough combination bomber and short skirts with floral patterns.