How to choose the pillow

Each nation has its own story of pillows. Some of their similarity was discovered in Egyptian tombs of pharaohs and pyramids. These products were made of stone, wood, clay and even metal. There are speculations that these pads were used by the Egyptians, not only for comfort, but also for maintaining the circulating to time of hairstyles and makeup before going to bed. In Japan, the popular wooden cushions were in the form of concave panels or rectangular wood. China has used the stone figures of different animals with special grooves.

Historians believe that the first pillow appeared filled with geese with down and feathers in ancient Greece. In the Roman empire, fleecy pillows occupied a special place in everyday life, and geese breed under the city wall.

How to choose the pillow
What are the pillows?
Additionally, decorative purposes and the body on a seat cushion require a man (usually in the first place) to keep when he wants to relax or sleep.

The need to use the pillow during sleep, due to the structure of our body – for the recovery spine is in a horizontal position, it is not bent. Therefore, a good pillow during sleep, and should support the head and cervical spine. For this reason always go so that appeared on the pillow and the head, and at the neck.

When a person sleep without a pillow, the cervical spine is not relaxed, the vertebrae of the neck are bent, which can lead to headaches and back pain.

Signs that allow to check if suitable pillows allow you to sleep on for a rest:

• If you always want to put his hand under the head pillow or under the head, the pillow is too low – for those, this is contraindicated that snore;

• If it is a feeling of discomfort or muscle distortion, the cause may be too high pillow;

• When the morning sore throat and shoulders, the pillow is too low, and the mattress is too hard.