How to choose a garage door: A comparison of the five main criteria

How to choose a garage door

Check the door for reliability and durability
There is a corrosion protection of the coating
What anti-burglar properties
Heat and sound insulation
Affordable price (see description below)

Today the range of garage doors is broader than ever, so it is possible to equip a space in which both the car and the driver are comfortable. The most important thing is to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different manufacturers’ designs.

Point one: strength

The reliability and strength of garage doors is determined primarily by properties such as the thickness of the sandwich panel, the insulation density and the thickness of the steel sheets.

The design of sandwich panels is also important. For all brands except, they have a solid contour: the front and inner panels are attached to the top and bottom of the panel. The company uses a different technology: between the steel plates is a seal from the energy fleet. Thanks to this solution, the doors benefit from thermal insulation, but are more susceptible to mechanical stress.