Headlight Polishing

Before you start the process of polishing the headlights, you need to make sure that you have everything you need:

Before you proceed directly to polishing the lens, you need to do a couple of preparatory work:

Protection of body elements Cleaning the headlights from dust and dirt. To do this, apply funds to wash the windows on the headlight and wipe it with rags. At this stage, it is unprincipled to use specialized cleaning agents. If they are not available, use a dishwashing gel, soap, shampoo or other detergent.
Body protection. Polishing the headlights can be carried out directly on the car or at home, after removing it completely. If the decision is made not to remove the headlight, then before the start of polishing, be sure to seal the body paint around the lens with paint tape. It is necessary to glue both plastic and metal parts around the headlamp.

After completing the preparatory stages, you can proceed directly to the work on grinding and polishing the headlights.
Grinding works


The grinding process is the longest while polishing the headlights with your own hands. It will take at least 15 minutes. To polish the lenses of car headlights you need the following way:

Put an abrasive wheel with the largest grain on the grinder. It is recommended to begin grinding with a circle with a grain size of 600, but it is possible and with 1000. In the absence of a grinding machine, use sandpaper;
Next, apply water directly to the circle and glass – this will reduce the temperature of the elements when grinding;
Start the grinding process by working evenly over the entire surface of the lens for 2-3 minutes. After polishing around with a grain of 600, the headlight will be matte.
At the end of grinding, wipe the headlamp with a rag soaked in water and go again to the first point of grinding work, replacing the machine with a circle on a more granular.

Each grinding stage should take 2-3 minutes. Thus, the process of grinding one head takes 8-12 minutes. Attention: Do not forget to wet the circle and the headlight with grinding.