Colors and design inside the room

For decorating children’s walls, it is better to use gentle pastels without an excessive variety. But at the same time the room should not be very pale – boys will get bored in such a room. Something should be pleasing to the eye, but not annoying.

One of the design options – the room is divided into two parts, each being done in its own color scheme. On the boy’s territory, the Swedish wall will not look worse. A girl can put a table, chairs, a doll, because they like to play dolls. An ancient knight’s castle can taste for children of both sexes. On the side of the future man, you can imagine a knight in armor, and on the side of a young lady a fairy princess.

You can choose to create a theme for children, interesting for both children. For example: jungle, sea, clowns, characters of your favorite designs. On the walls, it is good to take pictures of the animals and, of course, the small owners of the room.

When choosing the color of the room, consider the preference of the two guys. Young children love brilliant and bright colors, and older children prefer a narrower and quieter tone. A small room is better to paint in a light color with a cool tint, this will visually expand the space. If you have 2-3 horizontal streaks of paint on the wall, this will help achieve the desired effect. Vertical strips will visibly increase the height of the walls.

For flooring, it is better to choose finishes in light shades. Sometimes children of different sexes are decorated in a uniform neutral color. If the general style of interior design is assumed, it is possible to allow children to show their personal imagination by offering to decorate the corner by itself.