Color analysis: multilayer pink

Pink – perhaps the most controversial of all available color. Surrounded by stereotypes and patterns, each girl causes it a variety of emotions. In today’s post, we decided to move away from the controversial associations and reveal the diverse potential playfully pink.

Of the colors pink, it depends on many things: the style and character, and the manner of the mood in which the color is used. Luscious fuchsia, restrained pastel, romantic salmon, and stringent dusty and powdery pink … This is just the familiar shade that we can give a name easily. The range is infinite, and it plays in our hands.

Tandem: lace and pink
Incarnation of fragile delicacy – it is peak that with the pink color in the image in tandem will be able to reveal all facets of femininity. Depending on the occasion and taste, top products can acquire a completely different form and promise. The classic dress lokanichnogo cut is ideal for a city dweller, mini skirt related to hard shoes and shell made of denim succesfully fit into the atmosphere of a rock concert, sundress style “peasant girls” will provide comfort and harmony in the summer picnic and dress ” Baby doll “to emphasize the romantic mood on a date.

Not worth the side of these candy colors, but be careful and careful when choosing a pink things – it is obligatory. After all, the color is really smart, able to take as well as to help. For example, the colors fuchsia on some fabrics look extremely cheap and boring pylno pink can with spurious combinations often spoil the complexion. The main thing – carefully and deliberately choose to build your picture.