Cardigan without fastening – with what to wear?

The traditional buttoned buttoned cardigan is a classic element of the wardrobe, but it looks stiff and formal. The cardigan, open in the front, that is, devoid of buttons or any other fasteners – is an ideal alternative if you want to dress modern and day to day. But with what to wear it, because the cut open cardigan differs from the fitted classic? The key rule: combine it with those elements of clothing that give the figure a beautiful silhouette and look good in the open cut.

Simple and casual

Cardigan without fasteners, more casual and relaxing than his buttoned up fellow. Emphasize his informal style, complementing the ensemble with other everyday items of the wardrobe. In autumn or winter, it is worth wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, you will be warm and comfortable. And on a cold summer evening you can throw a cardigan over your shirt and shorts. The cardigan without fasteners looks good with corduroy or military cut trousers – this semi-formal outfit is suitable for work without a dress code or for dinner with friends.

With a spectacular blouse

Since a cardigan without buckles does not hide what is beneath it, it’s a great opportunity to showcase your favorite blouse. For the everyday ensemble, choose a T-shirt with a graphic print, which you wanted to show for a long time. In the evening, combine a cardigan with a shiny t-shirt, lace top or a t-shirt decorated with a bugle. If you want to look especially feminine, you can put a blouse with a frill or a bow under the open cardigan. It looks interesting and a blouse with a bold print: floral, herringbone or even speckled.

With tight clothes

As a rule, a cardigan without fasteners is more free than the one on buttons, so it is very important to choose the right clothes that you will put under it. There is a risk to give the silhouette an extra volume and look bigger than it really is if you combine a cardigan with a loose blouse and trousers. This is why it is better for him to look fitting clothes that do not add extra inches to the figure. If you want to look slim and tall, choose a tight-fitting jersey and tight jeans to the open cardigan. And in the evening you can throw it over the tight fitting dress – the cardigan will not only warm, but also hide the overly open cut of the dress.

With belt

If the cardigan is too loose or does not look as elegant as you would like, pull it with a strap. Belt with a cardigan without fasteners will allow to emphasize the waist, creating an elegant silhouette. In addition, the belt will give the whole ensemble a more formal and stylish look. At work, you can put on a cardigan over a dress-case, and then pull it with a belt, delineating the waist. In everyday situations, put on a cardigan on top of a shirt with jeans, and a wide belt of contrasting color will give the ensemble a zest.