Car repair costs: how to estimate them

Even if you do not know anything about car, you can estimate the cost of repairing a car before taking it from a mechanic or bodybuilder. Here’s a simple guide to help you know what to expect from an economic point of view before taking it to a workshop.

Where is the damage?

Damage to the bodywork can be something simple to be repaired with a paint pen that costs less than 20 euros, or something as big as the complete refurbishment of a complete roof that can cost thousands. It is generally possible to determine how great the repair work will be to inspect the damage closely. Is it part of the machine that is easily removed? Does the small bite require removal of an entire door? Check to see where the pieces are “sewn” together, and you can have an idea of the parts needed.

For internal damage, you can usually do a simple Internet search with the symptoms found and having some ideas of what might be the problem of the machine. With this information in mind, you can start calling someone to get an idea of the price of the spare parts needed.

What kind of car?

The brand and model of the car can make a big difference in price. Parts for a Toyota will be much easier and cheaper to find than spare parts for a Porsche. Often, you may find scattered parts that have the parts needed for repair if you have a common vehicle. Owning a special or luxury model can make repairs much more expensive as spare parts are more difficult to find.

The type of car can also play a role in the cost of labor, that is, in labor. Special cars usually require repairs by a mechanic specializing in that brand and model. For this reason the costs are generally much higher.

Are you original or used parts?

A car with a lot of customization will cost more to fix it than a standard car. If you need to use a spare part for repair, you can expect to pay a premium for both the spare part and the repair. Non-original spare parts, in fact, may also require a repair job from a specialist, and because of work often end up costing more.

Do-it-yourself repair?

Many times, if repair is simple, you can save a lot of money if you can repair it yourself. We can do the spare parts purchase ourselves. If you then have friends or family members who are experts in mechanics, you may also be able to make a simple job to your car being made by them for only the cost of spare parts. Keep in mind that in some cases a do-it-yourself repair may not be enough, and you may ultimately need a certified mechanic.