Bed linen made of natural materials

Delicate mako satin for the macho
Mako satin is made from an Egyptian cotton type. The material is ecologically sound and has no chemical additives, it is a natural cotton of the highest quality. Satin is a fabric with a matte bottom and a strikingly smooth and shiny top. This makes the solid and durable bedding made of this material very elegant. Mako-satin is at the same time very easy to maintain, dries quickly and needs only a minimal ironing attachment. Even after frequent washing, the colors and shine are retained. This bed linen feels gently on the skin and is ideal for the warmer season. Mako-Satin also exudes its special charm, especially when it comes to erotic activities, but a beautiful woman sometimes develops a radiant glow under the right angle of view.

Jersey for between
Even jersey bedding is easy to clean and does not need to be ironed. In the winter it warms well, in the summer it cools us a little. This is bedding for the discerning man who is more likely to be on war with the iron. When purchasing, you should opt for high-quality jersey made from 100% cotton. Only in this case is the material really soft and elastic, provides the above properties and absorbs sufficient moisture of our body. Your “cheap” variant contains a large synthetic part and quickly loses its shape and color. Jersey linen is best suited for the seasons.

  • спално комплекти двойни

Bed linen made of natural materials protects our skin and relaxes the whole body. It is therefore worthwhile to take some time to look more closely at the labels with the information on the materials used. In addition, there are bed linen in so many beautiful colors and patterns, it is not always just boring stripes or checks, because women have the amazing feature of staying in a cozy bed for a moment longer.