7 ways to easily extend the life of your favorite things

For pet clothes and accessories look like new and will last as long as possible, here are 10 simple rules. Follow them – you will always be the owner of beautiful and fine things

1. Follow the recommendations on the labels. Do not experiment, if the label icon to indicate only a dry cleaning or a complete prohibition of bleaching, it means that if not, you can say goodbye to your favorite blouse or sheepskin.

2. Note the temperature conditions for both machine and manual washing. Typically, this information can be found on a technical label, the same recommendations apply to the deletion of items.

3. Extend the life of clothes hangers can help you, it is best if they are of high quality materials – wood or soft, covered with satin or velvet. Clothes when stored on the shoulders hold the shape and looks nice. Dry things also better on hangers, so you can avoid wrinkles and stretch quality.

4. In off-season storage of shoes using blank or stock materials (paper, laundry) to hold the mold. Do not remove dirty shoes in the closet, wipe it well.

5. Sometimes, even with careful care of the things it is staining and things are not suitable to wear. Most spots can be removed. For example, hydrogen peroxide removes such complex contaminants as tea or apple juice, and soda helps to get rid of sweaty spots.

6. Very whimsical in the care of things from natural wool. It’s an unusual way to increase the life span – this puts on things for several hours in the freezer.

7. There are jeans in each person’s wardrobe, and it is often difficult to find a perfect sitting couple so you will keep them in good condition for as long as possible. Wash the jeans inside, and add some vinegar to the water so that they do not lose color. Often jeans are dried on the spot by the inner seam, it is possible to fix on the back with an iron-colored fabric (fleece with glue).