There are five different levels of hardness of mattresses to choose from

The mattress hardness 1 is suitable for people under 60 kg body weight. Since such a low body weight in adults is relatively rare, and only a few mattresses are manufactured in this mattress hardness. Often there are these mattresses also unique to this degree of hardness, so it is real special. Who weighs more than 60kg, under no circumstances should choose a mattress in hardness 1 (although he likes soft lies) because this very quickly lose their form stability otherwise.
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Screen protectors – pros and cons

Who does not know that? The smartphone is in the same pocket as a little pocket money, or the key and have the display is scratched. Even if you are constantly watching, it takes some time before that a little scratch on the display! Who had a smartphone, knows this problem. Therefore, there is a long-time and screen protectors to protect the display from scratches such.
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Longer battery life with

The laptop is used extensively by many users. So while commuting a few messages are exchanged, phone short or read the latest news. Although with each new generation of laptops stronger batteries are installed, the juice goes out even with mediocre use after a few hours. MyTrendyPhone now offers a practical solution: make sure you get an external battery.
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